Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ugh! Noro Sucks! But I am Tempted!

Oh, holy crap. My SIL saw the bag Kris W. made me for the FFBE, loved it, and said she wanted one, but she wants a drawstring bag. And she wants those colors. (browns, beiges, and black) I would like it to be a quick-and-dirty-knit-and-felt so I don't want to change colors or count rows. Found a pattern, can't find the right yarn. The bag Mary made for me for the SFBE, which I love, are the perfect colors, and it gave her fits---it was Noro. Reggae's kitty pi are the perfect colors too, but it is Noro and gave me felting fits too. So, do I get the Noro and suck it up? Or does anyone out there have any suggestions on another felting wool with just beiges, tans, blacks, even some gray? Hey! Almost like the colors of the mud pie, seen below. I've seen (and have!) some nice ones, but many have reds, oranges, etc. Help!


km said...

My Morestripes is knit with Tonnalita by Trendsetter. The color "old world" would be perfect. Oh...I just got up to go's 52%wool and 48% acrylic. That won't work. I figure there has to be a good color of the SWS. I liked the way that felted...and the striping was good on my FFBE bag for Allison. Just checked on that browns. Maybe you should suggest that to them. I see your delima. I found this... but it's a little expensive for felting IMO. But...sometimes it's worth it when it's for someone special. About the drawstring top. I LOVE my FFBE bag. Ursula made me the Fiber Trends "The Sheep Tote". I love it so much I just went out and bought that pattern. The handles pull the bag shut when you pick it up. Nothing falls out. Ok...I'd better stop befor this comment is too long. Have a great Sunday. =0)

Anonymous said...

There's a colorway in Patons SWS that has those colors - Browns, beiges and what not. I may have some in my stash, lemme go look! It felts up way nicer than noro, too.

KrisW said...

Sorry, Nancy! :) Ummm...I don't have suggestions...unless it's something like Cascade 220 colorpaint or whatever it's called..but it's a varigated Cascade yarn good for felting, and cheap. You know how I love the Manos for's quick and easy! Not cheap, though. I'll stay posted to see what you use! Only 27 knitting days or so till Christmas! Ugh...I need more time! :)
Kris in NH