Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knit 1 Tea 2 Color Swap Questionnaire

1-)Do you like loose tea or bags, or both – something you want to try? I've only used tea bags in the recent past. I don't have any of the accessories to make loose tea, yet, so I would like to try loose with the right stuff. I guess that answer was ambiguous, huh? I'm open to both.
2-)What is your favorite kind of tea (Brand, flavor, variety, etc)? I do like Tazo. They had a white tea in an assorted box that was very good. Yogi Chai is really good too. I'm open to trying anything new and flavorful. I don't do decaf, but herbal is cool.
3-)Favorite color in regards to tea or one you would like to try? (black, green, red, and white) (keeping in mind that this is how this swap is set up). I just started tasting white tea, and I like it. I wasn't a fan of green tea until I tasted one (just today!) that was really good. I'd like to taste red sometime, and I do like black teas. In order: White, Red, Green, Black.
3-)Would you say you were a tea pot kind of person or just a hot water heater kind? Hot water, I use a tea kettle. If I were having guests, I could see myself using a teapot, I suppose.
4-)What tea accessories would you like but have never purchases for yourself?
I like a lot of this stuff. especially the gravity press infuser, the travel press, the tea filters...especially if I'm going to be using loose tea leaves.
5-)How do you prefer to be pampered? A pedicure, a facial, or maybe a massage. And some decadent chocolate treat couldn't hurt either!
6-) If you were a kind of yarn what would you be and why? I'd be soft warm alpaca, because I'm very pleasant to be around. :-) heh heh
7-)If you had to knit/crochet baby booties, a fun fur scarf, or a fair isle sweater, which would you choose and why? Fair isle sweater, to see if I am up for the challenge.
8-)What other event would make you skip a tea party? If one of these music men were playing locally... Peter Mayer or Scott Kirby.
9-)What treat would you consider essential at your tea party? of course, must have finger sandwiches, scones, mini fruit tarts and chocolates!
10-)When buying yarn for a project how do you choose - do you buy the one called for or do you substitute? That depends. If the yarn is going to cost me a car payment, or is not easy to come by, I substitute.
11-)What do you carry your knitting/crocheting in when on the go? My Go-Knit Pouch or a quilted tote bag if I need a lot of supplies.
12-)Favorite movie to watch while knitting/crocheting? Anything that doesn't require a lot of concentration. Probably a comedy or a romance. I'm more of a TV show person.
13-) Are you a traditional tea cup kind of person or a mug type of person? Do you care if they match? I don't really care if they match; but right now I drink my tea out of the smallish cups that came with my dishes. Coffee, that's drunk out of a couple souvenir mugs I've collected.
14-) Favorite childhood birthday party? None really stand out, they were all parties at home with friends. Not a big deal like people do today!
15-)Favorite type of scone and jam? Hmm...cinnamon chip scone from Starbucks is yummy. I also like blueberry or raspberry. Jam? strawberry or raspberry, seedless, please.
16-) If you use candles, what is your favorite scent? Spring, Summer and Early Fall would be either Lemon-Lavender, something sea-breezy, tropical but not overly coconut...Late fall and winter would be cinnamony.
17-)If you could choose 3 people to have 'tea' with, who would they be and why? (famous or not, living or dead). My Aunt Doris, "Aunt" Jane (Mom's Best friend)and My Mom. I'd love to listen to their growing up stories. Aunt Doris and Aunt Jane are still here..I think...Mom isn't.
18-)You've been invited to a tea party, what 'props' will you wear (formal or casual)? Oh, a stylin' tea hat for sure!
19-)Any allergies/preferences you have or are willing to admit to? Nothing Rose scented, please. Sensitive to cigarette smoke.
20-)Anything we missed that you want your pal to know? Nothing I can think of...ask if needed!


vegasangelbrat said...

Your dishes are really cute and I LOVE the Tea hat..if you wear one I will to! We'll go stylin!!

Channon said...

Hats! Love 'em. I won't wear gloves though...