Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

And my FFBE package from Kris W was a very, very good thing. An unbelievably generous package that I am so happy with. I did not know Kris was my pal until I got my box! I've been to her blog a few times but never knew. I found out that my package was going to be late a little bit ago, and that was fine. As long as I got a little something, especially with the lack of a thank you from my downstream, not a problem at all. When a big box was waiting at my doorstep Thursday night I couldn't wait to find out who my mystery pal was. When I opened it, I think my jaw hit the counter when I saw the fabulous bag packed with stuff!
This is the contents of the box:

Now, let me give you details, shall I? First, the goodies. (we'll get to the fantastic yarn in a bit)
There's a card from Kris revealing her identity. There's a box of coffee themed body products (how fun!), a mani-pedi-set, the Interweave Felt magazine, the pattern for the "branching out" scarf from knitty(that I've been looking at but hadn't made yet!) and the Noni Bag pattern (which is my new bag Kris made for me) so I can try my hand at one. There are my favorite Jelly Belly jelly beans, cashews, DARK chocolate raisinettes (yum)and some pumpkin spice tea. Luckily I had dental work Thursday and a sore mouth or I would have eaten everything right away. (still sore---goodies safe) All within the items were silk fall leaves to go with the theme.
As if the goodies weren't enough, the yarn Kris gave me is over the top! I have been looking at the Misti Alpaca lace for a future project, but only online. Now I have some of my own, for real, in a lovely purple plum color. It is so very soft. And the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is for me to knit the branching out scarf! The color is actually a good one for me, I love it. I think I am going to cast on for that scarf after I finish the next pattern repeat of my Lotus Blossom Shawl. I need a break, and i adore lace knitting. Next, do you see what I see? Oh my...I have sock yarn! Not just any sock yarn, I have Socks that Rock from the Rockin' Sock Club. The colorway is flower power. Now, some of you might have read on my blog that I don't knit socks, but having this yarn is definitely going to convert me. Kris, YOU rock! Someday in the near future there will be a sock post.
Finally, here is the star of the package. This fabulous Noni bag Kris knitted and felted. She used 4 colors of Manos del Uruguay. And check out the leather handles and the buttons holding them on! They really make the bag. I immediately emptied my Ameribag and changed over to this one. I got lots of compliments from the girls at work who thought I made it, but I proudly told them someone made it for me! Same thing at the LYS yesterday, they all loved it. As do I. Thank you so much Kris, I am so happy with everything. Your generousity and attention to detail is much appreciated.


Miss Me said...

wow! what a great package - definitely worth the wait. socks that rock yarn for someone who doesn't even knit socks??? i am so JEALOUS! i've fondled some... i've looked at the website... but i don't have any.
btw - i am still dumbstruck that you didn't get a thank you for that fabulous bag!

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow Wow and Wow!!! What a great bag ad I'm in agreence on the handles and buttons, Fabulous Oh what gorgeous yarn and you had better hide them rasinettes before I reach through this
I'm so glad that you've been spoiled so, you needed it!

Channon said...

Color me green with envy! You are so deserving of such generous spoiling. (I too can't believe you didn't get a thank you, but it happens...)

Jane said...

Haven't been to visit for awhile! What a great package - that bag is fabulous! And the yarn - Wow!

KrisW said...

The sock yarn is great for shawls, too! (my "other" use for fingering weight yarn). I used this weight yarn for the Forest Canopy Shawl, and it came out very nice.
Sock yarn doesn't always mean socks! :)
Kris in NH :)

Devonshire said...

What an awesome package. Very well deserved. That bag looks great!!! Socks that rock - gorgeous. No Thank You- I'm sorry that someone couldn't take the time to put in that effort.

Cass said...

WOW great package! don't you love a pal who just GETS you!?