Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chilly Blue Saturday Sky

Even though it was only 41 degrees for a high, it was quite a nice day. No wind made it feel that way, I imagine. But over night, it got down to the....brrrr.....20's~! My water fountain on my deck it this afternoon! Not just a thin layer, it was almost 1" thick. Maybe it was the galvanized metal can, but whatever, winter is on it's way. Watched a squirrel take more stuffing out of the patio cushion and scamper to it's nest. Critters will be warm in the winter. I still think they know something we don't...about a cold snowy winter.


swap pal? said...

Hey im with you on the animals knowing, we found a big fat rat in our compost bin!! and that night the temperature hit -3'
Great photo, love clear blue skies,

vegasangelbrat said...

Beautiful blue sky there!! You can tell its nice and crisp.