Sunday, August 26, 2007

Downeast Maine KVVS---The Details.

Now that I'm nearly recovered from my "virtual vacation" I'm sharing the details. Click all pics for bigger.
When I first opened my KVVS box from Jane, I knew it would be fun.
I was greeted by this message:

Underneath the message was this wonderful tote
stuffed to over flowing:

I'll get to it's contents in a bit, because tucked around the box were
all these goodies:

There were brochures from Inns, Hotels, and vacation must-sees in Down East Maine, and a magazine I am looking though for my planned trip "someday". There's blueberry pancake mix which will be the first breakfast I'll make in my new kitchen. And a book by Stephen King, Maine's most famous author, Lisey's Story. The newspapers are the sports section from a week of High School baseball world series, a local NJ team coached by one of my friends, who's son is also on the team, was up there playing, and Jane sent me the papers so I could share with them. There was also the pattern for the Bar Harbor Shell Bag, something I looked at online but hadn't purchased yet. Now I can knit it. :-)
Now for the contents of the awesome bag
which will soon become a knitting tote:
There were two of my favorite things in one, a chocolate lobster! :-) 2 coffees roasted in Maine that smell so good. There are personalized note cards that I do believe Jane created picturing down east maine scenes. There are more patterns to knit, some soap, and hand cream for my poor abused knitting hands from a local soap creator (Jane read my plea about healing my fingers, I think!) There was a tape measure and a key chain and a little lighthouse
ornament from ME, and yes, those are Mentos. I'd posted about my superstition when flying and Mentos here and Jane included them as a nod to that. There's a sweet little Alpaca finger puppet. There's a blue dishcloth that Jane knitted with a dolphin on it. And then, there is my yarn. I am in heaven. The lavendar (my favorite color) is Alpaca Baby Twist, and is so incredibly soft. It will make a lovely scarf using the patterns she sent. That isn't all...the white yarn is baby alpaca spun from Polaris, who Jane visited at the Blackwoods Farm. I just kept petting it, it is so soft. I don't know whether I want to knit it into something or not...I just may start a collection of souvenir and special yarns. This one is indeed special. Jane told me that was all there was only that skein left from Polaris at the time, and she gave it to me. :-)
I was treated to an incredible virtual vacation to Down East Maine, and made a new friend as well. Jane, I can't convey my thanks enough. There were a few times throughout this that got me teary, because you know how much I do want to go there. Especially when my "clues" came in the mail, and I knew I was going to the coast of Maine! So, this Jersey Girl thanks a former Jersey Girl and now resident of Maine from the bottom of my heart.


NH Knitting Mama said...

What a fantastic package!

km said...

Wow! Jane did a fabulous job on that package. I really *HOPE* you get to use the brochures from inns and such WHEN you visit.

Jane said...

Okay - so now I'm teary! It was a pleasure putting the package together for you and getting to know you through this swap. I hope we get to meet in person someday!
Jane in Maine

Mary said...

I'm so glad you had such a great partner!! That makes all the difference in the world! If I know you, when you plan your trip it will include a visit to see Jane!
Great package and I love the put together on her own blog with all the pics too :)