Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Please Help Heal My Fingers!

Between knitting during the off time and handling papers at work, my poor fingers are a peeling mess. It looks like I'm gonna lose my fingerprints! (j/k---but close) I've tried various lotions but nothin' seems to work for long. With knitting, I know it's wool and cotton/blends that soak up the moisture, that's what I'm knitting with currently. I'm not going to stop knitting, and I need to work for at least a little longer so...what's a girl to do? Any suggestions? Tried and true tips? Please tell me I don't have to knit with latex gloves! ;-)

*Edit--thank you for all the comments, and advice through email. In desperation not wanting to wait for an online order to get here (although I am going to order "Heal my Hands" as that was suggested many times) I bought a tube of Vaseline Intensive Rescue for my desk drawer at work, and remembered I had Aquaphor here at home, from when I was healing all my surgery scars 2 years ago, for use at night time. The combo of everything seems to be working.


anon54 said...

I have heard Bag Balm is helpful.You can find it at Vermont Country Store.Hope this is helpful

Jen said...

Check out Heal My Hands

Claudia makes a wonderful line of solid, beeswax based moisturizers that include natural herbs and essential oils that heal dry and damaged skin.

Claudia is a blogfriend, but I'd recommend her products whether I knew her or not.

Jen said...

Okay, I know I put in the proper HTML code for that link, but it's linking back to my own comment. :/

Try this:

Crafty Canadian said...

Try Avon Cracked Heal lotion at night.

Lora said...

Thanks for the recipe on my blog for the Jasmine Rice!! :)
Jen recommended Heal My Hands. My knitting friend raves about Heal My Hands products too. I'll have to give them a try one day too
Hope your hands heal soon :)

Janet said...

Finger prints are so over rated. Piano players don't have them either. My solution is to lotion up your hands for 2 days prior to a having your prints ran.
Also I thought that pure wool (lots of lanolin) is really good for knitters hands.

Miss Me said...

forget knitting in latex / nitrile gloves but you could always cream up before bed and sleep in them... so it's not romantic - the comfort of knitting trumps that doesn't it?

Kris said...

Hey there,
I have to use this awful disinfecting wash at the hospital that wreaks havoc on my hands and nails. I have found PREVEX cream to be completely *indespensable*. It is expensive but lasts a long time. I have started experimenting with using it on the dry spots on my feet too and I think it's amazing stuff. I don't even get hangnails in the winter dry air with this amazing product. One application in the morning is enough for the entire day.

Kathy said...

LOL! I actually DID loose my fingerprints. I was big time quilting at the time, and we were adopting a baby from S. Korea. We had to be fingerprinted for the visa, etc. Anyway... I had none! I had to go home and NOT quilt, care for my hands and return on a later date to be finger printed... so it can happen!
Am enjoying your blog. I also just turned a year old. I should have done a contest...darn! Didn't think of it!