Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Sky Hot and Humid

After the weather in the unusually damp cold rainy and windy temps in the 60's most of the week, the heat and humidity came back today. A high of 90 at 3pm brought this sky.
This sight is a common occurrence on a weekend around here. I was a few blocks from home and the bridge went up.
Knitting content posts tomorrow...I'm tired today. I still must have jet-lag from my Maine virtual vacation!


Janet said...

So do you keep knitting in your car for occasions when the bridge is up?
It is sad to think about our pets passing- so now I will go brush mine to save her fur to spin.
Another KVVS tourist

Mary said...

Oh my, you know you never think about things like bridges going up when its been years since you've seen and done some else I kinda miss