Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tagged, Again

Jo tagged me for 7 Random things about me. I did this a little bit ago, but I'll play again. Try any way.

Let's see...

1) A couple years ago I was a rabid Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fan for the uninitiated). Traveled up and down the east coast to concerts and functions and made lots of friends doing that. I'm not so much in that mindset anymore, but treasure those memories and friends I made.

2) I drive to work in the morning, same route everyday and occasionally get to point B and wonder where I was all that time, on auto pilot? Should I be worried??

3) I live at the beach but am contemplating packing it all in and moving to the desert...Tucson AZ in the near future.

4) I have a little pet bunny rabbit. He's 14. like the energizer bunny...he keeps going, and going, and going...2x as long as a normal lifespan.

5) I went to a psycic once who told me I was a Healer in a past life, and I died falling off a cliff. I've always been leary of walking on Jetties or rocks; perhaps a connection?

6) My father's family supposedly has some Native American lines: Lenni-Lenape. Mix that in with English/Irish and on my Mom's side, French and Dutch and there I be.

7) When I fly I have a superstition...I have to have my feet off the floor during takeoff and landing. I also have to bring packets of mentos...fruit for the outbound, mint for the inbound. Odd, I know.

Okey...I'm not tagging anyone else cuz I think it's made the rounds. If you haven't been tagged, go ahead and play!

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Miss Me said...

aaah... another "bunny slave". my sister has 5 rabbits. she started with one rescue rabbit. it turned into 5 one morning while she was at work. i blame my BIL. he said "we'd better not get a pregnant rabbit." and the drive to work? i'm pretty sure i'm lucky to be alive. autopilot and moose aren't always a good combo!