Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks From Reggae!

My mom sez I got lotz of prayers and get well wishes when I got sick and went to the scary loud place on the weekend. I think they helped cuz I got to go home last night. They still don't know why I am sick, but I feel a lot better. I did not like being in that place, but mom and the doctors said I needed to be there to get better. There were d-o-g-s and other cats there, and too many people. I really let them know I wasn't happy. They kept doing things to me and poking me..they even shaved my beautiful fur on my belly leg and neck! I hope it growz back cuz it looks like those silly spinx cats hair(less). Someone cut my nailz, shorter than mom usually cutz them, I think that's cuz I might have tried to fight them. I don't know, I waz sick! I did a lot of hissing and growling. I was really happy when mom came to visit me those nights so I could purr again. I didn't want her to leave me, but I knew she'd come back for me. I did not want any food the doctors tried to get me to eat, I only ate for mom. I had a fever yesterday and Monday, but my doctor said it might have been because I was upset, and I might do better at home. My doctor told mom I started to be nice to her yesterday, finally, but really I was just playin' her. :-D Mom says I'm home on a "trial" whatever that means. She said, as long as I eat some food, don't throw up and seem happy I can stay here. I really don't want to go back, so I'm tryin' real hard. Mom has to give me icky medicine that tastes like bubblegum, and some tummy pills for a whole week. I am very tired though, and have been taking lots of naps. Mom snuck in and took this of me napping on my favorite throw on her bed. Mom covered me up cuz she thinks I'm cold. I'm not really, but I let her, and it's cozy warm anywayz. It is just so good to be home where it is quiet! Mom sayz she has to call the dr. to find out what the results of my "urine culture" (big words!) are, and I have to go back in a month to have them take pictures of my belly again. I hope they can do it in one day, I don't want to stay away from home never ever again. Thank you evr'y body for helping me get better enough to come home. I know my mom was scared and worried and missed me so much, and I missed her too.
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Miss Me said...

first off - i REALLY hate having to use the human's id, but what's a cat gonna do? glad you're home with your mom. the humans at those loud places just aren't the same... i have to hiss and growl at them, too. sometimes i bite them but the humans still make me go. enjoy the extra tlc and hope you're better soon!

much love,
tiger the cat

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Reggae!

Sissy doesn't know what a cat is, but she's still slinging healing drool for you (I know it's gross, but that's what bassets do).

Mugsy respects distinguished, older felines like you, and he knows all too well how unacceptable those hospitals can be. He's very glad you're home and resting comfortably.

We'll all continue to send prayers and good wishes to you and your human!

Cycling Knitter said...

hey reggae
glad your home.
take it easy and dont go chasing birds for a while!

vegasangelbrat said...

Welcome home Reggae!! Continued thoughts & prayers go your way. You sure had your mom scared, but we know she loves ya much, believe me, she didn't want to leave you there either, but sometimes us momma's have no choice :)
You be a good boy and get better and get all the rest you need. Meow's to you from Electra & Dyna!
Lots of love,
Auntie Mary

Dianne said...

Dear Reggae,

We glad you is home. As a rule, cats is not our favorite peoples, but we make exception in your case 'cus mommy says you is sweet.

We hope you feels better!

Emma and Tara

Roxie said...

I'm so sorry you were feeling sick, and even sorrier you had to go to the doctor's. You rest hard and heal fast handsome cat. And let your mom know right away if you feel sick again. Sometimes you HAVE to go to the doctor, and the sooner, the better. A short visit is better than having to spend the night. Be a big brave cat and take your medicine patiently. You know your mom wouldn't give it if it wasn't good for you.

Anne said...

OH reggae Iz so glad yer home! my mommy sed you were sick n i was so sad for you - i had to go to a place like that too, and it made me real sad and scared. I luff your blankie, do you share wif me?

<3 Cleo