Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reggae is HOME!

My boy is home with me, and soundly sleeping on my sofa as I type. He is exausted, and I know he needs quiet and rest before I can see how he is "really" doing. But, he wanted to eat as soon as he got in, gobbled up a small portion of food and managed to keep it down. (whew!) Except for Monday night, he hadn't really eaten since last Tuesday night. He was discharged on a trial, I am to monitor him for any recurring issues. I'm to give him some meds for 7 days (oh joy). The Vet feels that since Reggae is not the model patient in hospital (ha!) he would be better off in his home surroundings. Although, she did say tonite, that he was slowly warming up to her, accepting pets and rubs without hissing and growling, and showing interest in what was going on outside his cage. She'd prefer to keep him a few more days, but since he wasn't eating for the staff and still had a fever which probably was from stress (we hope) she released him, in hopes that he'll return to normal. Still don't know what caused the infection, and still waiting on a few results. I am so glad he's home. And to think I thought it was a hairball he couldn't eliminate! My poor boy is sicker than I realized...I guess it's akin to seeing someone everyday who is losiing's not noticable until it's, well, noticable! Thank you, again x infinity, for all the prayers, well wishes, and support. I'm taking a personal day off the keep a watch on Reggae, I think we both need a chill day. There will be knitting happening, and maybe those FOs and WIPs I couldn't get to this past weekend. We're not out of the woods by any means, but there is hope, and a little bit of happy in my world tonite.


Cycling Knitter said...

I am so pleased hes home with you.
Lots of TLC should help his recovery. Have a lovely day with reggae

Roxie said...

Continuing to send prayers for health and strength and comfort to both of you. You are so wise to take the day off.

Anonymous said...

Music to my ears... Keep on healing, little friend, and we'll keep the prayers coming!

Dianne said...

I am so glad Reggae is back home! Not a model patient, eh? He just wanted to come home to his mommy. A cat has gotta do what a cat has gotta do! I'm still sending healing prayers and vibes and good wishes your way. Give him some chin scratches from me.

vegasangelbrat said...

I replied to your email, but just so it helps some more...Glad he is home!! Do you both some good :)
Continued thoughts & prayers for both and Reggae, little guy, you get better for your mama!! She needs you :)
Love to you both!!!