Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Sky

Before I got out of bed this morning, I turned on TWC to see what the forecast would be. I thought it was supposed to be bright and sunny. It was hardly early, but it seemed too dark out for bright and sunny. Weather on the 8's said "abundant sunshine" Who writes that stuff, anyway? Hmmm, said I, and pulled open the curtains..those clouds didn't look like "abundant sunshine" to me. As the day wore on, it was sunny, but there were clouds too. It was warm, in the 80's and what sun there was was strong. As it should be for mid-July. But, a front is coming in, my ankle tells me, and the humidity will return. This is today's sky at 3pm with what is not my idea of "abundant sunshine"

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vegasangelbrat said...

LOL we wonder all the time who writes that Still beautiful blue and GREEN tree' Love the clouds as that one cloud looks like a duck :) lol (yeh, I'm