Saturday, July 14, 2007

And We'll Have None of THAT, Thank You!

The look is saying, "Why am I in here when all that good feathered and furry stuff is OUT THERE??" Reggae had some bad cat moments during his backyard wanderings today. This morning, I needed to come inside and get ready to pack things up for the post office. When I went to round him up to bring him in he turned into MEAN CAT. Hissing and growling at ME! His Ma! What a brat. Guess he thought he'd scare me (as those antics from him usually do scare the most brave souls) from trying to bring him inside. I stared him down and he snapped out of it and I took him inside. Later, he was outside while I was knitting on the deck. He stayed under the patio chair in the shade for a while, then wandered around the yard. I had my eye on him most of the time I knew where he was. Then, poof! He did his Houdini act. Gone...forever, I thought, again. Called. Searched. No Reggae. One more time: "REGGAE!!!!" And he sauntered over from a spot under the hydrangeas where I'd already looked 3 times.. Geesh. I think he waits until the panic level in my voice is at it's peak and then decides to reappear. As if to say, "what's all the fuss about, I'm right here!" That's it, no more outside for YOU today, Buster, we'll have none of that! Trying to coax him inside brought half-hearted hisses, but he went to the backdoor under his own power. Now he's under house arrest until tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a more cooperative day. Now, if I could only find that hiding spot...


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I hate when my one cat does that too me...bad cats giving mommie heart attack like
I love the look on Reggaes face..what, I didn't do

Miss Me said...

hmmm... i can tell that reggae has allowed you to believe that you are in charge. silly human!
tiger is only allowed out on a leash. and we had to buy him a new collar for it... the old one would come off if he yanked enoughed.