Wednesday, July 04, 2007

From Sea to Shining Sea: New Jersey

ForFirefly's Pike's Peak Project
I'm representing the state of New Jersey, specifically the Jersey Shore.
New Jersey gets a bad rap. People associate it with traffic and the sulfur smell from the oil refineries around Newark airport. If that's all you've seen of NJ, well, as a Jersey girl, I can show you more. I live at the beach, and find the Jersey Coast simply beautiful, especially my area of the Bay Head and Mantoloking beaches. There is something about the ocean that is magnificent in it's power. Whether it is a during a tumultuous winter storm, or on a quiet early morning in summer, it is a wonderful scene. The sight of the ocean and beach has always touched a part of my soul.
The smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore can take my mind off many problems and help relieve the stress of daily life. I'm not able to walk on the sand any more, but going up on the board walkway over the dunes and being near the ocean, just sitting on a bench or standing at a railing taking in the beauty is relaxing . These are some of the views of my beautiful part of the Jersey Shore.

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muoriska said...

Psst.. send an e-mail to ladies in knitters vacation swap ( to same where you did send your bingo sheet) and ask them to send you a copy. I did that on the first round.. my e-mail providor don't automaticly save outgoing mail.

Anonymous said...

I am totally excited by your pictures. They make me want to grab my camera and run out the door!

I thought the toes added a good touch. You may be seeing more of them!

firefly said...

Thanks for a wonderful contribution to the Pike's Peak Project. Your photos are lovely and gentle ... the colors are especially pretty.

It is good to know more about New Jersey; one of the 50 states I have not personally visited yet.

Warmest regards,

vegasangelbrat said...

Must be a Jersey thing, always was a part of my soul too :) Beautiful pictures, love how the light is captured on the water....

Neicee said...

I love your comments on NJ, I live on the West Coast of Florida and it is beautiful, but I grew up in NJ and there is Nothing like NJ and its people. NJ is beautiful and the Jersey Shore brings back such great memories for me thanks! Denise

Donni said...

It looks pretty

Cookie said...

My husband went to The Lawrenceville School, in what he says is a very pretty part of NJ. I would love to visit your state someday.
Thanks for your comment and prayers on my blog. Support of knitters and friends means a lot to my family at this time.