Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snippets of Saturday

Some shots of a couple of my pots-O-happy I took this morning while having coffee on the deck. They haven't been scorched by the sun and heat yet, but a predicted heat wave this week might make them sad and droopy. I am not looking forward to HHH weather. Today was bad...I had to take a pain pill in the middle of the afternoon because the change in weather gave me much hurt. Better now, but still more pain than I care to handle. I knitted on the deck pretty much all afternoon until the sun came around and it got to hot. Reggae was a very good cat and didn't do his Houdini impression and stayed in my sight. Here is the king of the back yard this afternoon.
Later, inside, he hopped into a basket I've been using for holding yarn and projects. It was empty; it must have looked inviting. He rolled around in it for a while, it was cute. :-)

I took cuttings of some of the perennials in my gardens. There are some purple cone flowers, hydrangea, yarrow, rudebecia goldstrum, and a flower from one of my hostas. I've been growing them for years, but I never realized the cone flowers smelled so sweet. No wonder the butterflies and bees are attracted to them. Lots of butterflys and bees around the garden today. I noticed the trumpet vine is about to bloom and the honeysuckle is about to do it's 2nd bloom, so hopefully the hummingbirds will be here soon.


vegasangelbrat said...

LOL Reggae still a kitten the basket shot :) I always look forward to your Saturday postings and I love the garden shot..I remember growing those types of flower They actually have those Dusty Millers out here and i killed yet they grew like wildfire when we lived in Cape May..go figure..I would love to have your heat Enjoy your Sunday!!

km said...

I really like your 'pots-O-happy'...they would make me happy too. Nothing in a pot survives here...without being watered more than once a day during the summer.

We don't have pets yet (it's enought with the kids). So, whenever I happen upon a cute kitty or puppy...the kids all gather around the computer...expecially 2 who talks to the kitties in the computer. Reggae is so cute in the basket.