Saturday, July 14, 2007

And They're Off!

Whew! Finally, packages are on their way. To the North and REALLY far North, to the West (very), and far to the South. None going East, they'd land in the ocean. My great niece's baby blanket that's been done for a while too long, but I haven't seen her yet, thought I'd get it in the mail. Everyone who I needed to show off the tank sweater to has seen it now, so it's on it's way to my best friend in the FL Keys. Squares to Laura for her project are on their way to Kansas. And finally, the prizes to the winners of my "bloggerversary" contest are heading all the way West and North to California, Las Vegas and Alaska. I had fun picking and choosing items from my stash, I hope everyone enjoys them.

Ah, and thank you all , for the comments and concern on my "Sigh" post. I was a little melancholy and missing someone , but no worries, I'm OK, really.


Amanda said...

Your packages look so fun! People are going to be very excited to get them.

Anne said...

It can be so hard to get packages going LOL. I finally got out 5 yesterday, and I need to put together 3 more today. I sometimes stop to ponder all the yarn I could buy if not for the cost of shipping. *grumble*

vegasangelbrat said...

Woo-Hoo..lookie at all those presents..can I say Thank you as I know one is headed my way :)
Sure friend is going to love that Tank top!! Let us know what she says when she gets it..too bad you couldn't get the look on her face