Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

I was blog surfing this evening and found out about this contest on Margaret's blog. Get your summer knitting goals in order, then visit Ali at Skeins Her Way for the rules. Ali is promoting celebrating her first published pattern, the fitted tank, and having a contest. If you follow my link to Ali's blog contest, don't forget to link back to me in your post so she knows I gave you a "referral". :-)

No better time than the unofficial start of Summer, Memorial Day Weekend, to list some goals for summer knitting. Even if they're not obtained, at least there's hope of getting some of it done. Here goes:

  1. Finish Entrelac Pillow
  2. Finish the shawl for my best friend.
  3. Start/finish the tank I purchased the pattern and yarn for last month. (If I'm lucky enough to win this contest, knit that tank too! )
  4. Knit a bathroom mat in colors to match my new bathroom.
  5. Knit a felted market squares tote.
  6. Knit an entrelac bag out of cotton yarn.
  7. Work on projects for Danielle over at MCY.
  8. Organize my yarn stash taking over the spare room. . (if we're going to even think about having guests this summer that should be #1!)
  9. Knit and felt a Booga Bag!
  10. Make it to the LYS that's being sold in Belmar and see what's left for sale before it's over.
  11. Do some Compassion Knitting projects inbetween other projects.
  12. Decide on projects for Christmas gift knitting.

Well, that's a start, huh? :-) Totally obtainable.

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