Sunday, May 27, 2007

Contest #2 -Things in Common

Visit some blogs of people participating in the Spring Felted Bag Exchange and find 3 people you have something in common with, besides knitting. Then, create a post linking those 3 blogs and tell what you have in common.
Hmmm...tough one. I've been reading blogs and trying to find some common threads (or yarn as the case may be) and not having a lot of luck. Am I that uncommon? LOL. Let's goes:
Anne M appreciates a good cup of coffee just like I do, and Starbucks as well. Sorry about your coffee pot, Anne!
Katie B wants to come back in her next life as a cat. I echo those same words when I see Reggae napping comfortably without a care in the sunlight when I've got to head off to work or have things to do.
Lia S also lives in Southern NJ, however I'm at the beach, and I think she's more inland.
Whew. That was not easy at all. Is there anyone out here that doesn't get the allure want to knit socks like me? LOL.


Miss Me said...

I figure that I deserve to be a cat the next time around... It's such a great life! Eat, sleep, eat, annoy your humans, sleep... What could be better? And the socks thing - well I love both knitting and wearing them, but I would never knit a dishcloth. Why knit something that's INTENDED to get really dirty?! Vive la difference!

km said...

I think the closest I'll come to socks is Knitty's Twinkletoes. I hardly ever wear socks except to work out...and why waste hand knits on exercise. That, and I tried a sample sock from my LYS on my arm...and it was way too itchy. I'm not a wool girl...except for felting. =0)KM