Monday, May 28, 2007

This Week's Knitting

I made a lot of progress on the bag for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange. I'm almost done with the straps, and then I have to I want it to have a zipper? Do I want it to have a flap? Or do I want it to have a zipper and a flap? I must make those decisions soon, I need to felt it to make sure it does. This way I have plenty (?) of time to knit an alternative bag in case I have a felting disaster. If it's not obvious, I'm not following a pattern for the bag I'm making for the exchange, I'm making it up as I go along, letting it speak to me. So far I'm wild about it, and wouldn't mind keeping it for me. I love the colors and the shaping and the idea...but alas, it's spoken for. No photos allowed yet, it's a surprise for my secret pal!

Got gauge? I took a break from knitting the bag-to-be over the weekend and decided to swatch for the tank I bought the pattern and yarn for last month. I've never swatched before, I've never really "had" to. (hey now I can bold that on my list!) I'm not a tight knitter at all, I actually thought I had more of a loose tension. The gauge is 4.5 spi on #7. So, I was sure I'd be spot on gauge with #6, so I started with that. Nope...came out to 5.5 spi. So...I used #7...looks like nearly 5 spi there. I'm sure not going to use #8, should I?? I want that tank to be on the smaller size of small. (the pattern doesn't offer XS---it's a gift for a rather petite friend) Pout. I'm going to take the swatch to the next knitting meeting and get some help there. Now I do understand the importance of making a swatch, but realize that even then it might not turn out correctly. We'll see. Oh, see the little holes in the swatch? I saw a cool hint on a Knitty Gritty episode when Lily Chin was the guest... YOK2TOG. It will help to remember which needle size was used for the swatch if it has to be put it away for a while. For instance, I used the size #6 first, so I did the YOK2TOG 6 times and then continued in stockinette for a few rows, then switched to #7 and knitted for a few inches, and did the YOK2TOG seven times. I'd then just have to count the holes to know which needle size I used. Good idea.
This weekend I also knitted 2 squares and am working on a 3rd for Greensburg. Those folks lost their entire town from the tornado on May 4. I hope the afghans made from the squares knitters and crocheters are sending in bring them some comfort. 8" Garter stitch squares are knitted on the diagonal, a fast and east knit and used up a few odds and ends of wool from my stash. Laura said to use any color, even those you'd never think of putting together. From my choices for the square on the left, that I did just that. It actually doesn't look that odd. Click on that link and if you have time, knit or crochet a square or 2. You'll feel good for doing it, I promise.

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