Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Sky and Lilacs!

The leaves are finally coming out on the trees. I love the way the blue of the sky looks with the newly green leaves. Unfortunately, the yellow pollen and those brown gross oak tree thingies that look like tumble weeds when all swept up are falling too. I took my poor car through the car wash to clean off the yuck. It's dark grey again and I can see out the back window.
It was about 70 degrees today, the clouds held off most of the day, and no rain as predicted earlier.
My lilac tree has bloomed quite nicely this year. When I walked through the gate the scent wafted over. I promised this photo to Mary who is not able to grow lilacs in the desert.


Crafty Canadian said...

Lilacs already! I am so jealous. We normally do not see lilacs in New Brunswick until June. In fact I planned my wedding for June so I could have lilacs, unfortunately that year we had an early spring and they could not be found anywhere.

Enjoy them while they last!
Stacey (from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange)

vegasangelbrat said...

Thanks Nancy for posting your lovely Lilacs!! Oh I can smell them too (at least closing my eyes & imagaing) lol They are absolutely Beautiful!!