Saturday, May 12, 2007

This Week's Knitting

It seems that I didn't get too much done this week. Where did the time go? Tuesday it was the S&B get-together at B&N, there was a good turn out. I did knit a few inches on the rayon boucle triangular shawl during the week, and am almost done with my entrelac pillow front. I started the bag for my secret pal in the Spring Felted Bag Exchange. This is going to be fun. I'm having more fun picking out things for her Box # 1 I'm sending out this week.
Friday night was the "knit-wits" meeting at AC Moore, I'd never been before. It was fun. One of the ladies was working on such a cute project, turns out it was a pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl. I've heard of that blog , and have stumbled over it once or twice while surfing blogs, but never read it more than a glance. I've saved it to the favorites folder and it's going to be a regular read. Too funny. Well, the woman at AC Moore (can't remember her name right now) was knitting this easy bracelet bag. Rather than use the metal bangles as suggested in the blog, she used stretchy beaded bracelets. They were perfect. I'm snitching that idea for the one I want to make. I just have to find a source for the bracelets. When I got home, I searched and found that pattern. I've already cast on tonite and am ready to knit the body. If I didn't get a frantic phone call from work with an emergency that needed to be addressed right away I'd probably be done by now. The bags are too cute and will be a big hit to gift. Rather than use the metal bangles, the bag
***I stayed up a while last night and got quite a bit done on the bag. No doubt I'll be felting it later today. :-)

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vegasangelbrat said...

I've been wondering about your pillow top :) those are gonna be cute little wrist bags..MAYbe I'll try one :)