Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Spring Things

Some years it rains really hard and I don't get to see the Azaleas in my yard bloom for more than a day or 2. Perhaps the awful heat of earlier in the week followed but thankfully cooler temps the last 3 days forced them into bloom. Whatever it was, here are my Azaleas. On the left is "Peppermint Twist" and the other one is "Rose Pink". I got these as leftover plants from Mother's Day decor at work a few years ago; they were getting thrown out! Also in there is a hosta, some mountain pinks, leftover spring bulb greenery, and the vine on the fence is my climbing hydrangea that is over the arbour and spreading over the fence.

This is a Nepeta cataria (catmint/catnip) just starting to bloom. Reggae isn't overly attracted to catnip, so my plant has been safe from trampling. I do crush some leaves for him and he'll eat them, but he doesn't get stoned. I wish he would, it might make him friendly to people! ;-)

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Secret Pal said...

Oh my cats would live in that I didn't know catnip bloomed, guess I'll have to read up on that. thanks for mentioning it.

your S P