Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cloudy Saturday Sky and This Week's Knitting.

At least the trees have leafed out. Today was mostly cloudy, and cool, in the 50's. What a difference a few days make. Wednesday I had to put the system on AC, today it's back to heat!

The lack of knitting content this week is because I'm working on my Secret Pal's bag for the Spring Felted Bag exchange. Can't post details of that yet. I am very happy with the colors I chose, I hope she likes them too. I got her surprise box off to her in the mail earlier this week. I enjoyed choosing things to include in the box. :-)
I did take a few hours out today and knitted another easy bracelet bag (shown in progress) for my friend for her birthday this week. This one has a southwest flair. I think she'll like it. I'm about to sew it up and even felt it if it isn't too late. Might wait until tomorrow for the felting. I'll take photos of both bags finished before I gift them to T.

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