Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heart Walk 2007

Last year, I donated a couple dollars to Gretchen for the American Heart Assocition Heart Walk. She generously offered a raffle prize for all donations. I gladly did, not ever thinking I'd win, I'm always glad to help raise funds for charity if I can. To my surprise, I won! This year, Gretchen is again raising funds for the heart walk. You can read all about it here, and here. The story about baby Donovan (Nova) touched my heart. I'm not a parent, but I know that losing a child is just so devastating. I can not imagine the grief and heartache. The law of nature says our children should outlive us.
Please give to this worthy cause, if you can. I did! Not only will you be contributing to help raise funds to help combat Heart Defects, you might even be the winner of a fabulous knitting prize.

Update: since I was a winner last year, I've decided to give back and offer Gretchen a prize from my own stash to award. Pay it forward, ya know? This is the description, where/how I bought it. It's so soft and delicious to work with!

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Angela Martínez said...

Thank you so much for your donation, and for the link to the raffle. The more we raise awareness the better our chances are of saving millions of families from suffering such unspeakable losses.