Saturday, March 10, 2007

Today's Saturday Sky

I have to remember to take along my camera when we go out. Better yet, I have to knit a cozy for the camera to protect it in the bottomless pit of my purse. Even though this pattern is for a cell phone, it would fit my camera with some pattern tweaks. Or, maybe I will knit and felt one. Anyway... it was a nice warm, although overcast, day to take a drive, so after stopping at the local appliance store where I scored a big $$ rebate on the appliances package I purchased, we headed north to 'granite shop' for the rest of the kitchen remodel. Those huge slabs are so nice; it's amazing they come out of the earth like that! So much to choose from, although I think it's narrowed down to 3. We stopped in Rumson for a late lunch at a restaurant on the Navesink River and had a clear view of the empty boat slips at the doc and a great sky photo opp. But, I missed it. So once again, another shot from my back deck. Just near sunset, 55 degrees and light breezes.

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Mindy said...

So pretty!