Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bye Bye Fishies...

I love my bathroom. It is happy, colorful and unique, to me. It's my tropical fish haven. I love my wallpaper. I love my shower curtain and all the accessories I've decorated with. Most are from the trips I've taken to warm tropical destinations. But tomorrow...all that is going to change. No more fishies. The bathroom is being gutted, remodeled. We're replacing the tub with a walk in shower and new fixtures to make it easier for me in this life. I will miss it, but it's necessary. The new bathroom will be just as awesome, I hope. Since I live at the beach, I am keeping the theme, it is 'sea glass'. In the shower will be ceramic tile and glass block accents. the rest of the bathroom, walls beaded board the main floor will also be a ceramic tile with glass block accents. I hope what I see in my mind comes out in reality. Choosing finishes and fixtures are way different than choosing nail polish at the salon! These are permanent decisions, after all. I often have trouble with too many choices. This time, I went with my first instinct choices rather than driving myself bonkers being indecisive.
In preparation for tomorrow, I had cleared all the things out of there and off the walls, I thought I better take some "before" shots. So I'm posting the last pictures of the fishies before they're 'gutted' tomorrow. Pun intended.

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