Monday, February 19, 2007

Hometown American Idol?

I've watched American Idol half-heartedly during seasons 1 & 2; and addicitvely since season 3. I'm not alone, many of my friends and co-workers do as well. While I was in rehab after the car accident, a couple of the girls would come by on "Idol Night" to watch on singing night, and call me throughout the results show on the following night. Even one of my nurses would sneak down to my room to watch a few segments in between rounds. My friends and I still call each other while the show is on to comment if we don't get together in person to watch. And of course, it's the topic of conversation at work the next morning.
This year, before the show aired, the rumors over the local grapevine said that AI cameras were following a local girl around..she made it through the auditions...and made it FAR. We were pretty sure it was true, as the cameras wouldn't tape someone if they didn't make it through to Hollywood and maybe further, would they? Well, the rumors were true, and
Antonella Barba, one of the "best friends" from the NY/NJ auditions made it to the final 24!
My personal opinion, she's good, but she's not the best, so hopefully her personality and cuteness will help her along the way. We Jersey Girls have to stick together!

Our town wishes her well.

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firefly said...

You can add my good wishes for the local girl too.

When I was still living in LA, my "children" (young adults) and I would watch some of the Idol episodes together. Good times.

Best to you and yours,