Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where does the time go?

As I took my Saturday Sky picture yesterday out of the sunroof of my car when I remembered I had to do that, and thought that I don't think I missed a Saturday Sky since I began posting them. Well, apparently that got away from was 1am when I realized I hadn't uploaded the photo or written the post. It was a busy day. Errands, getting the house ready for Kathy's visit this week, knitting sections for traveling scarves, and watching non-stop hurricane Ike coverage.
So here it is, a day late. Mostly sunny, temperatures in the upper 70's and humid.


Channon said...

Don't you love a sunroof? (Or as Mugsy and I called it, an escape hatch?)

Have a great visit if we don't chat as much (cleaning, cleaning!) this week!

km said...

Only M's car has the sunroof. So I really love when we get to go drive at the beach... Glad Kate got out for a bit of Satruday Sky.

Roxie said...

Lovely sky! What do the skies look like when hurricanes are sweeping in?