Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Sunny Saturday

My friend Dianne and I had wanted to go on a "yarn crawl" for a while now. So today, there was a sidewalk sale in Red Bank and it seemed a good day to combine that with our yarn shopping. So, we took a ride up; she'd never been to any of the yarn stores in that area, and I'd never been to Yarn-It in Deal. We decided that would be our first stop, but were surprised to find it closed. After a few wrong turns we finally found it, and it was locked up tight. Not good...if your posted hours are 12-4 and your voice mail message says the same...we won't bother to go back. so, we headed up to Wooly Monmouth knowing that would for sure be open. All the shops had something going on for sale on the side walk, it was fun. Dori at Wooly Monmouth was wonderful as always, and I aquired some Noro silk garden sock yarn, because I couldn't resist the colors...some Rowan Cotton for the cutest beach hat ever I just have to make, and some yarn for an exchange. Of course none of my choices were part of the sale. :-D
After shopping, it was lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then headed south for home.
It was a really nice day...the temps were in the upper 80's, with mostly sunny skies. The humidity was high, but a breeze kept us cool.
This is the sky at around 3:30 pm, in Red Bank.

There has been knitting happening here, but nothing worth pictures yet. I'm working on a cotton market bag for a swap, a swallowtail shawl for me, and another Montego Bay for a friend. The market bag will be finished probably tomorrow, so at least I can get that package out!
I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Grace Yaskovic said...

tom and i went out to Flying Fingers Yarn SHop in Tarrytown They were having a 50% off everything sale, and it was great I thought about going to Wooly and now that I know you went I wish I had. Sounds like a good yarn day for both of us I will post my loot tomorrow or Monday

Donna Lee said...

I hate when stores do that. I know that emergencies happen but it's still disappointing. Yesterday was a perfect summer day. Hot, sunny and enough breeze to cool you down.

Roxie said...

Get a photo of that market bag before you wrap it up. I love to see what people have been doing.

Channon said...

Sounds like a lovely day, minus a detour for a closed shop. Grrrr! That's always frustrating. Isn't the Silk Garden sock yarn surprisingly soft, in contrast to its Kureyon cousin?