Saturday, March 01, 2008

Interchangeable Needle Sets? Anyone?

Here's the scoop. I have a set of Denise, which I love. But, they only start at US #5. I love my Addi Turbo Lace needles, I have some #3, 4, and 5's, but they're not interchangeable, and the cords are too long for working in the round, I bought them for knitting lace patterns. I have a Boye set...and herein lies my problem. I need to cast on using #6, and then switch to #2. It's for a hat in knitted the round, needing stitch markers at ever so many stitches. I opened my Boye set to find...#6 tips are missing! Damn, I searched everywhere. I know they are not on a WIP, and they aren't in any of my bags. Last I used them was for the pink fingerless gloves before Christmas. Which, of course, means a cord is missing also. It would have been simple to cast on to the #6's and switch off the tips to the #2's, but nooooo, I will have to use the Denise #6's and then knit on to the Boye #2's. That will teach me to put away my toys when done playing, right? I'm also missing a #5 tip, but I know that one slipped through the deck slats this summer, that one is a goner. But anyway...even though the Boye cable joins really haven't given me too much trouble, I do have to be mindful of them twisting off and catching on my yarn at times. So...I want to either a) replace both #6 and 1 #5 tips, and which ever cord is missing too...or b) purchase another Boye set (I can do the craft store 40% or 50% off if I go that route)....or c) do I go for one of better sets? Opinions, anyone? I want smooth joins and sharp (but not killer) points. You all know what I knit if you visit regularly, if that helps. I'm going to check on Ravelry, but everytime I go there I get lost in all the knitterly goodness know how that is, right? I will check later, but now I want to get knitting. so, thank you in advance!


km said...

I have the Sister's set I got it for Christmas 2006. I've loved it, though some say it's not too pointy. I really like how compact the set is. But, the joins do sometimes untwist. And just after I got the set, 2 broke one of the 5's. I don't like that I can't find a replacement. Maybe there's a Ravelry board where someone has the missing tip you need. If not there should be.

Dianne said...

I bought the Boye set a few years ago (with a 50% off coupon at Joann's) and it drives be batty. I think I don't tighten the tips enough, even though I use the wire thing and the rubber thing. The joins almost always loosen and catch on the yarn. Grrrr. I've tried a friend's Denise set, but don't like the feel of plastic needles. Now, I just use my good old non-interchangeable Bates circulars, and if I really want to treat myself, I'll buy an Addi Turbi. Hope this helps.

Miss Me said...

i'm an interchangeable needle newbie, but i am LOVING my harmony needles. they are so nice and "warm"... sleek, too!