Saturday, February 23, 2008

Prizes...and Suprises!

This afternoon I went down to my favorite LYS (Deb's on Ravelry now, Say hi! )to pick up a little something for one of the "300 contest" prizes, and something for me if I was in need. Might I need something in a yarn shop? Who, me? Do the words 50% off mean anything to a yarn junkie? ;-) Well, I got what I needed, and more. Deb had a rack set up in the shop with a bunch of yarn "mystery bags" set out, for no more than $5 with values from $24-$26. I couldn't resist, so in addition to the main Yarn prize, my 4 contest winners will get a random yarn "mystery bag" too. I peaked in each one, you'll enjoy. Who doesn't like surprises? I'm also going to include a little something from my own stash of extras, maybe a notion or something :-)
Now, in no particular order, here are the prizes! Remember, the RNG winner of the comment entries will have first choice of prize.
~2 skeins of Shi Bui Knits 100% merino sock yarn, in the "dragonfly" colorway. Looking at this live, I think there is more teal in the yarn than my monitor shows, and is beautiful squishy soft.

~3 skeins of Lavish Alpaca yarn from their natural undyed collection, in a luscious cream color. I've knitted with this yarn often, and it is so dreamy.

~Hand-dyed superwash merino sock yarn 560 yards, 2 ply fingering weight from Yarntopia Treasures in their Fury colorway. Colors appear very close to true on my monitor

~Malbrigo worsted, "Burgundy Dash". I really like this colorway, with shades of light to dark burgundy, some pink and some green. It is a bit deeper than picture shows, but close.

So, those are the prizes! Now, I'm off to do some work on all the entries, and I'll post the winners tomorrow.


Turtle said...

Beautiful yarns and suprise packages are always fun!

Our snow has been almost non existant this year, yet less than an hour away there is over a hundred inch base of snow. (so skiing tomorrow yet we have crocus up here at the house) Crazy!

Elaine said...

I'm farther north in NJ, and in from the shore, and we got a lot more!

The yarn all looks beautiful - and who could resist yarny grab bags.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I hope I win * I hope I win * I hope I win...

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh how beautiful! Love the teal the most but they are all Gorgeous!! How neat to get a mystery bag :)
I'm with Mama..I hope I can win, I hope I can

Roxie said...

Yayyy - hooray for the winners!
What a great contest and what wonderful turnout you got. Good job. I can hardly wait to start reading all those tips. Bet they will engender a lot more tips and suggestions as well. You just might have a whole book's worth when you're done. My tip: Hide the yarn amidst the groceries. No one ever wants to help put the groceries away, so it's a fool-proof way to sneak yarn into the house. And if you stash yarn in the canned goods cupboard behind the lima beans, no one will ever know.

km said...

The mystery bags look so fun. I'll be looking at their new homes to see what's inside.

ellen said...

Hi there--now that I'm in sick again--do you remember which patterned scarf you knit with the Lavish you so bountiully gifted me with when I won it?? Just curious!

I just LOVE feeling it--but I think a scarf would be BETTER! Just curious--I saw the scarf, but didn't know if it was a free pattern or not!