Saturday, February 23, 2008

300 Contest 300 is Closed!

Thanks for all the comments, links, referrals and your tips! It was fun to read some of the blogs by visitors I'd not seem before. And thanks for stopping by and entering my contest.
Now to sort through all those comments, etc. and pick the winners. This is how that will play out:
1) Out of just the comments alone, Random Number Generator will choose 1 winner, to give everyone, including those that were"blogfree," a fair chance at winning. That lucky winner will have first choice of all the prizes. (More on those later)
2) Next, RNG will choose a winner from those who linked my contest to their blog. Then, each referral will also have a RNG pick another winner.(each referral was an entry). And then, same for those who shared a tip or trick. Again, if you left more than one tip, additional entry. Each of those 3 categories will get 1 of the remaining prizes.
3) Lastly, I will personally choose one person's tip for a special bonus prize.
Thanks for playing, and stop back later for pictures (I hope) of the prizes I'm offering, and then the announcement of the winners!

1 comment:

Rachel O said...

Jeez, I'm breathless just reading all the prize categories. I guess you're keeping the RNG off the streets!

Fun contest