Thursday, January 24, 2008

Band Meme

Here's a different meme that's going around. I saw it over at Mary's, and it looked interesting.
This is what you do:
Basically, you go to three sites to randomly select your band name, album title, and cover art.
1. Go here for the band name:
No matter what the title of the article is, that's the name of your band.
2. Go here for the album title:
The last four words from the very last quote on the page makes up the title of your band's album.
3. Go here for the cover art:
Whatever the third picture is, that's the cover to your band's album.
My results:

Name of my Band: WPLP

Title of my first Album: "The Appearance of Success"

Cover Art:
hmmmmm...interesting, no?

1 comment:

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I'm gonna eat your cover I love non parailes (spellings off i bet) has it been years too!!
I love what yours come up