Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Blog Needs Some Happy

What could be more happy than a new puppy? Go visit Chan, and meet the new addition to their family, Sissy! I understand the new baby girl is settling in just fine and helping Chan and the Knight heal from their loss of Fred. Sissy already adores her big brother Mugsy.
And some happy, for me. Last Sunday I found out I made the 2000th comment on Anne's blog, and won the contest. I was surprised, I didn't even realize. Who doesn't like to win a contest? Anne has happy, too, she's getting ready to visit the family in Alaska for Christmas.

And even more happy? I received my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package! It was waiting for my at my door when I came in late last night. I got Royal Mail! My package came all the way from England! Customs tagged and everything. I opened the package to find out just who my pal was: Angie! I had a feeling my pal was from another country, but didn't know who. The word "parcel' was a clue when she emailed me to tell me it was on it's way. Everything was so nicely wrapped I wanted to wait until I could give it proper attention this morning.
What happy was waiting to be opened? Well...just take a look. Here's everything all nicely wrapped....

THIS is what lay beneath the wrappings! Look at the wonderful items Angie chose for me! I'm beyond thrilled.

I mentioned I that I preferred a winter-themed package, and Angie did a fine job.
Each portion of this package deserves it's own detail. First, we have the Winter greeting card, from Bristol, and the knitting button and key chain which are already on one of my knitting bags. Then there are the snowman and sweater ornaments.
Next, here are the treats and COFFEE! Angie sent me things from England, things I've never had before, which is so very cool. There's a malted drink beverage mix, spiced chai, a coconut frappe mix, a yummy dark Swiss chocolate truffle bar (which won't be long for this world!!), some real English scone mix and strawberry jam, biscotto wafers, dark drinking chocolate, and then, the COFFEE, which sounds absolutely fabulous: Union hand-roasted, from London, and is "the INTENSE, luxurious coffee with chocolate, berries and sweet caramel notes, made for those for BELIEVE in dessert." Yes, that is me. I believe in dessert. Wow. I can not wait to try everything.
And how about this yarn? It is Lorna's Laces, 50%wool and silk, in my most very favorite colors, all in one skein: pale shades of aquas, blues, greens and lavender! It is so soft and pretty, I just want to keep petting it. Another yarn I've not yet tried, I'm so happy to have it. And look at the cute stitch markers too :-)
Thank you for everything, Angie!!!
This was the first time I'd had an exchange pal from out of the US, and it was fun getting the items from another country. I may request to have an international pal to send to next time as well.
I've got my pal's items all packed up and ready to go on Monday. I was going to wait until Dec 22, the first day of winter, (I went with a winter theme for hers too) but I'm excited to get it out to her.
And the last bit of happy for this post? Barring any unforeseen disasters,
I'm going to the Keys!! I'm so happy, It's been way too long. Booked it this morning, we're leaving Jan 4, and coming back Jan 10. Not only do I get to see my best friend in the whole wide world, I will be there for my b-day on the 7th.
I'd say that was a good deal of happy for today :-)
Tomorrow, I'll try to have some knitting content; I have (very few) FO's and some WIPS.


Anne said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're going to get to go - and what a lovely package! That yarn is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Look at all that happy! Sissy thanks you for the mention; she likes to sleep with her head on my leg, but I catch her chewing on the corner of the lap desk I use with my laptop...

That yarn is exceptional. Enjoy all the good things coming your way!

Miss Me said...

lots of happy indeed! and all of it well deserved. that yarn is gorgeous...!

vegasangelbrat said...

That yarn is so you!!! Angie did a great job spoiling you!! So glad too. You'll have to let us know how the coffee is, sounds so yummmmy and I'm with you and DESSERT!!!
Oh yeah for the trip!!! Do hope you enjoy yourself.

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a great post! Looks like some great goodies in that package - I love that yarn!

Robin said...

Awesome package!!!

I think Sissy is so adorable...

Dianne said...

That's a whole lot of happiness for one post! The package is fabulous, and I'm so glad you will be able to escape "winter" for a while and head down south.