Friday, August 31, 2007

Anne is Having a Contest

Anne of the bag lady of the "yarn family" blog created a dishcloth pattern and is having a contest. Here's the scoop:
To enter is simple:
1)Knit her dishcloth pattern (it's on my "to knit" list)
2)Post a picture on your blog, and list whether you used straights or circular needles, and the style of knitting that you used to knit the cloth and if you knit combined method (will do when complete)
3)Link to
this post in your post (done)
4)Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post with the photo (will do)
5)Viola! 4 steps, 4 entries.
6)You earn a bonus 5th entry by leaving a suggestion as to what to name the pattern in your comment. (i'm thinkin')

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Donna said...

Hi Nancy, Yes I am in New Jersey and at the Jersey Shore too. Enjoyed your blog and will be back again.