Sunday, July 01, 2007

This Week's Knitting

Danielle over at MCY included some very nice yarns along with my recent purchases from there to knit some items for their fall line. One of which is a really soft alpaca yarn in their "turtledove" colorway. I imagined it being a really cute rolled brim hat. I had some leftover alpaca from other projects and knitted up a prototype. It came out OK in the solids, but when I cast on and knitted the top of the hat with the MCY yarn I didn't think it did the colorway justice. So, I changed gears and decided to knit a lacy scarf. I'm using the horseshoe print and it's looking good. The hat will go to WarmUpWinc and I'll continue to work on another hat pattern.

Yesterday, I went down to What's Needling You to show Debbie the finished tank top sweater and to look for patterns for a vest or something to make with another yarn from MYC. I found a few patterns that might work, but I'm still unsure. I ended up buying some more Linen Isle in a different color for another tank top sweater for another friend, and some Needful Yarns "Cotton Joy" for another top for my best friend in the Keys. I can't see her all the time, but I can knit for her! Good thing it's always Summer down there because who knows when I'll complete it.


Anonymous said...

That scarf is going to be gorgeous!

vegasangelbrat said...

Love that pattern design on the scarf!! Beautiful yarn.

Kate said...

What fun to see your scarf. I am also doing a scarf in horseshoe print-4 repetitions across in SWS natural pink which is mostly shades of pink and green. Love your colors. I think it is a great pattern for a scarf...well, great minds think alike. Your top for your friend looks great, very finished looking. I hope she liked it! Haven't been to the Jersey shore in years, but I sure miss it. Kathleen