Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stitch 'N Bitch

Once a month, on every 2nd Tuesday, my local (formerly known as) Toms River Stitch and Bitchers (now known as) TRKnitters Yahoo Group gets together at the Barnes and Noble Cafe' to, well, stitch 'n bitch! We meet up with another local group, the Brick Stitchers. Some B&N customers have come back the next month after they've seen us in the past after asking if we meet on a regular basis. Sometimes we have 3 people, sometimes we have a dozen or so. Last night was a record. There were at least 20 of us, of all skill levels. Next time I'll bring a camera. We pretty much took over a large section of the cafe'. Some kind customers even gave up chairs not being used at their tables to help us fit everyone around a few tables.
I like seeing what everyone is working on, and seeing all the FOs. And learning, and sharing, tips and tricks, seeing the new (or not so new) books and magazines about knitting people are reading or recommend. I'd brought along my finished tank sweater, and got lots of compliments. (beaming here, can't wait to send it off to my best friend in the Keys!). I also brought along my 2 WIPs, the lacy scarf-and-sweater vest-to-be I'm knitting for and making with, yarn from MCY. (*Danielle, if you're reading this, your yarn was gushed over and oohed and ahhed at each time a new person joined our group, especially the alpaca in turtledove. I need some of your business cards!) They really loved the scarf-to-be especially, so that helped me to know I'm doing the right thing with that yarn.
Funny thing we knitters and crocheters have in common...our love for, and almost a compulsion to buy.more.yarn. That was one of the topics of conversation, how the majority of us have a yarn stash than we can not possibly use up in a life time, but still manage to acquire more. Either that, or it reproduces in it's storage space. And others of us have to hide it from/sneak it past/make excuses to/ our husband or S.O. for that stash or new purchase. A couple of us (myself included) don't care what he has to say justify our purchases as necessary therapy.
It was a fun knitting night.
My friend Amy, who is not a knitter, (I'm trying to convert her; she loves the felted bags I make and was my partner in crime during my beading days and together we amassed quite a bead and supply stash which I currently have custody of) IS an avid reader, met me at B&N and browsed and shopped for a good hour or more while I knitted with the group. We were going to get a late dinner after we were done shopping (her) and knitting(me). I'd been thinking for a while, how my reading time has been lacking since I've been knitting, never enough time for both. I wanted to pick up some audio books to listen to while I knit. There was a good sale at the entrance on the audio books and I saw one I wanted. $24.98 marked down to $7.98. Good deal. When Amy came in to let me know she was there, she had an audio book in her hand already, by one of the mystery authors she likes, James Patterson, I think it was. I smiled and said, I'm going to buy one on the way out too. Time to leave, and as we were walking out, I went to pick out my audio book and Amy said she got me a present, she got one for me already (!) and just for fun, pick out which one I'd planned to buy. I showed her, and yup, she knows me. It was the one I would have bought. I've read a few by that author, I like the South Carolina Coastal theme. We're going to switch books when each of us are done with ours. She also got a lot of novels to read. Now she is the one who has to sneak those purchases past her husband, LOL.
Oh, we had a really good dinner at Carraba's. I don't usually patronize national chain restaurants when there is a good independently owned restaurant open close by, but it was late and I'd never been. Glad we went. I won't make it a habit, I support locally owned when I can. Why? I'm in the biz, I work for an independent and know how tough it is to compete with chains. Anyway. It was a good day. And I finally heard back from my downstream KVVS pal, seems my emails got stuck in her SPAM folder or something. So, I'm going to get more interested in taking her on a virtual vacation at the Jersey Shore.


My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Yes! Why must we be sneaky in our compulsive yarn purchases? Hubbie totally doesn't understand when I NEED more yarn, he thinks I'm nuts and gives me the look that means "you're wasting our money on more yarn that we could be spending on something more important". But, why doesn't that stop us? Hehe :)

Miss Me said...

i sometimes have yarn shipped to my office. then when mr. me is away on business, it comes home with me. my kids are bright - they know who makes the birthday cakes and the hallowe'en costumes! but i may try telling mr. me that i didn't buy more yarn, that old yarn just had children...