Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birds and Bees and Butterflies, Oh My!

I'm sure it happens on the weekdays too, but I'm trapped inside an office and don't get to see what goes on in my backyard during the day. This afternoon I got to see nature at her finest. There were at least 5 types of butterflies flutterin' around: little skippers, little yellows, and whites, and monarchs, and my favorite, swallowtail. I was able to snap this as he was feeding on my butterfly bushes. I also got to see the monarch and swallowtail chase each other, I'm sure it was over who gets the choice blossom. Don't fight, flutters! There's plenty for everyone!
As I was sitting quietly on the deck reading
blogs and email, a male American Goldfinch stopped for lunch on the thistleseed feeder. I was able to take a pic before he noticed me. He's there, really. That spot of yellow on the feeder amongst the hibiscus tree's leaves. I was only 2 feet from him. The chicadees are feeding at the sunflower feeder as I type, they don't seem to bothered by me out here. Either that, or they know who fills that feeder when it's empty! I was able to take a picture of a little bee on a budelia bloom. A garden with bees is a happy garden.
As I walked around the back yard last night, I realized that my perennial gardens are nearly at their peak. How can that be? It seems that Memorial Day, the unoffical start of Summer, wasn't all that long ago.

I've yet to see any hummingbirds, but hopefully they will migrate through here real soon.
C'mon hummers! The honeysuckle and trumpet vines are waiting for you!

UPDATE! I shut the laptop down and came inside to answer the phone (good call, will post about it tomorrow!) I looked outside and what did I see? A Hummingbird! Sipping on the honeysuckle! Yay! I couldn't believe it. Just for a few seconds, but he's here!


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh this inspires me so much to get my back yard back in to shape again. Everything is dying from the heat and not being taken care of since returning to work :(
Beuatiful pic's and so glad you got to see the hummingbird, we get lots out here..have quite a few pic's of them.
You havea beautiful flowery yard Nancy! Thanks for sharing with us!

Miss Me said...

wow! great looking garden. somehow i don't think that my bumper crop of toadstools and puffballs quite compares...