Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Freakin' HOT!

Where did Spring go? It's 88 today, right now, and the AC in my offices here are DOWN! We called maintenance; they're taking their sweet time getting here.
My fingers feel like sausages and my ankle? It's normally swollen during the day cuz of the bone transplant/surgery/injury etc., but right now it feels like it's gonna pop! I'm drinking as much water as I can but, UGH! I am so not ready for weather like this. I need 70 degrees, low humidity and high barometer, not the opposite. Severe thunderstorm warnings are up from about now until 8pm. I thought I heard the word "tornado" mentioned. I'm close to scared.
This fan is what's keeping me from totally losing it cuz it's so freakin' hot...I had it in a box since it was gifted at our family grab bag at Christmas (I laughed then---glad now) I have absolutly NO motivation to get anything but the bare minimum of work that is pressing done today. But I won't get done by itself!

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Anonymous said...

OOoohhfff.. Warmer for you than in Atlanta of late; that's never a good sign :o I'm actually totally soaking up our very moderate weather at the moment. We've not broken 90 since early in the month, and are even making into the 50s and 60s overnight. I wish it could stay like this ALL summer.