Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!

Look what I got! It's the Mama Bear Swift.

And this made me sing OH HAPPY DAY!

It took a few tries, but after I got the the hang of it, it was like magic! The swift is so well made, (by hand in the USA) and so easy to use. Clear instructions came with it. If anyone is looking for a swift, I highly recommend this. Go ahead, click on the link above and read all about it. The ball winder just made quick work of a tedious task. Excuse me, it's time to cast on the shawl now. :-)


Anonymous said...

I too have the Royal Ball Winder and absolutely LOVE IT! I had not seen the Swift in action and wasn't sure what it was. I think I'm going to have to get me one. I have a LOT of hanks and my husband is getting real tired of "holding" them while I wind!


Jknits said...

The swift is beautiful. Much nicer looking than my plastic umbrella style!