Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not so Warm and Fuzzy...(half a rant)

Most LYS are only open during my work hours, and there are few around here anyway. There is one near here that is either going out of business or trying to sell the business. I heard the yarn was all 30% off. I wanted a certain yarn that I don't have in my stash for a project on my list, so I thought I'd take a look and see what they had, and took a drive over this afternoon, and found it. I'd been warned that this particular shop (won't mention names to protect the not-so-innocent) is not the most neat and tidy, and things are hard to find. That's an understatement. I was offered help when I walked in, that's a plus. But I thought I'd take a look around first, so I declined. Milling through the crowded aisles, I saw lots of yarn I've only seen online. But not finding what I needed, when I got to the front of the store I asked the proprietor and her friend, who were sitting knitting and chatting, for this certain yarn, she said,"it's right here, (right next to where they were seated) I asked if you needed help." I shrugged and thanked her, told her what I wanted to make, and she helped me pick out some skeins of the same dye lot. (another plus) BUT Now here comes the kicker...and I was wise before she rang me up and asked if she took debit cards...Nope. Damn! "there is a mac machine a block away". I said fine, i'll go over, be right back, please hold this for me."oh, you better drive, it might be more than a block". I guess she noticed my cane and limp as I left. Haarrmmppff. So, back to the car, looked for the bank, couldn't find a freakin' parking spot at all...and left. went home. No new yarn. :-( I had the courtesy to call and tell her I'd not be coming back today, I hope it was appreciated. She probably could have cared less.
My rating on this LYS visit..."eh". I am still on the quest for one I love.

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