Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Body Art: My Tattoos

While reading blogs today, I came across Scout's post about people having tattoos. She asked for people to leave a comment about theirs, and the meaning behind them. I have a tropical soul, even though I live in the northeast. I used to travel to warm and sunny tropical places frequently, and fell in love with island style. My tattoos reflect that part of my life. I have 4 tattoos, 3 shown here, which I aquired over about 8 years. I always knew I wanted a palmtree, a parrot and and angel fish. The palm tree (my first) and the parrot (2nd) were 'flash' art that were tweaked to my specificatoins. The angelfish was a custom piece I had found the inspiration for on a bathroom tile at a beach house of all places after looking all over for one I loved, and had the artist draw for me.

I had plans for more, but since my accident things were kind of put on hold. A knitting tattoo? hmmm...well, there's a thought!! :-)


Mindy said...

I like the fish! I need a new tattoo.

Devonshire said...

Love the tats!! That angel fish is gorgeous. They defiantly fit the tropical theme to a 'T'. Great colors too.