Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Week's Knitting

I finished the warm hat I started knitting for my nephew on Sunday. I used Lavish Alpaca in a charcoal grey. It was a quick knit and easier than other hats I've done. I'm getting better with using DPNs for decreasing rows for shaping. Imagine that. I like the way it turned out, I hope Kyle does too. Thank you, firefly, for the great pattern. I think I'm going to make the matching scarf sometime for him.

I also completed one section of the non-traditional baby blanket I am knitting for my great-niece to be. I'm about to wind another hank into a ball and begin the next section. Hopefully this blanket will be done before the little one starts preschool!!! :-)

1 comment:

firefly said...

Your knitted items came out so lovely, and the photography is quite pretty as well.

Glad you were able to use the pattern for the hat, and I hope your newphew enjoys it.