Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Another Quick Update

Hello out there in blog are you? Things here are winding down with my friend Kathy's visit...she's leaving for home to the warmer Florida Keys this Saturday. Can you believe she's been here since September 16?? Her uncle passed away the Sunday before last, it was expected and a blessing. Her aunt is doing well, but driving Kathy, and by default me, crazy with her stubbornness and oddness. I've no tolerance for that foolishness, bereaved or not. So I won't miss that, but I will miss my BFF. So, things should return to semi-normal around here. My job, although still boring as hell, is going to have a little more activity come next week, so that should make the time pass quicker. It's insane to be in the independent restaurant business and try to turn it around in this economy, but that's what we're going to try and do. For the umpteenth time. Hopefully some customers will have full pockets and go out for a good dinner!
I've got a finished object to share, since there has been knitting going on at home. I finished my FLS, which is more like a cozy jacket with the Malabrigo yarn I used and is a little big, but I'm wearin' it anyway! I'd knit another, in a different yarn. The pattern is easy. Once I got blocks of time to knit on it, it went fast.

Next on the needles will be finishing up some scarves, one of which is my only handknit to gift this Christmas. A couple people asked for those scalloped beaded necklaces to give as gifts, so I might make a couple of them. But, I don't think most of the people I gave handknits to in the past really appreciated them, so those that I know will enjoy them will be the only recipients of my knitting time. My next big project will be the Ombre Blanket from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, knit in alpaca. It will be toasty warm and match my sofa. I want to make a few more hats for charity, and regret that I didn't do as much of them as I wanted to these past couple months. Soon, I'll be back to my routine!

That's about it for my update. I must get back to that thing called work. Be well!


Channon said...

The Lady looks lovely! I'm sorry she's a bit big, but if it gets colder to go with the already below-average temps we've been having, you might be glad for her.

Wishing Kathy safe travels home, and for everyone's sake, I hope the aunt mellows out.

I had big plans for holiday knitted gifts, but instead, I think more than just my Pay it Forward gals will get little knitted goodies after January!

Grace said...

it is beautiful and glad to see you had a second to post

vegasangelbrat said...

Lovely job on this!! I even like that color.

Dianne said...

Poor's hard enough dealing with a death in the family, let alone a relative who makes everything that much worse...

The sweater looks lovely. Love the color!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the sweater yummy color.Hugs Darcy