Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Sky: Storm that never was.

The forecast was for scattered thunderstorms on and off, some severe. Although the sky looked like it for a while, it never happened. At least here, anyway. The temperature was 85, and it was humid. I thought I'd be bothered by the weather today, but not so much really. I went to the natural food store this week and got some glucosamine, chondroitin MSM liquid (tastes kind of icky but....) and Zyflamend tablets. I wanted to see if there was something that would help the arthritis in my toes (my crunchy toes I call them) and general stiffness in my ankle, as well as the inflamation in my ankle. You know what? I've only been taking them for 5 days, but I definitely feel a difference. It's not only in my head, either. 2 of my toes joints don't feel as stiff when I press on them. I'll keep taking the stuff. Nothing to lose, right?
Today was a day for the post office. I packed up and mailed some gifts for exchanges, the prizes for the 3 winners from my 2nd blogiversary contest, and finally, the last of my PIF gifts. Which, considering I had a year to do them, it's about damn time. The gifts have been finished for a very long time I just never got my shit together to get them out. Hopefully the recipients will be happlily surprised.

Speaking of surprises, this week brought one for me. My BFF Kathy is swallowing her fear of flying and told me she's coming up from the FL Keys to visit me in September. Yay! I'm excited.

Have a wonderful Sunday. It's the Haskell Invitational, and Big Brown is racing. It's local, but really crowded, so I'm staying away. But all I will say is GO BB!!


km said...

I think I need some supplements for my knee. My Gramp had recommended some...I should get to the store. Yeah for your BFF. I know what it is to have a fear of flying...she's giving you a great gift.

Miss Me said...

i think that we're having the same weather here... lots of threats of rain, although up north in the province they have had some pretty bad flooding. you can see that our water level has risen...