Saturday, June 21, 2008

Am I Blue?

Nah...I'm not blue. But it seems we've got a blue theme going on in the knitting. Montego Bay is periwinkle...Koolhaas Hat for Sublynnminal Healing is blue...and KM put an S.O.S. out for blue squares to help put together a baby blanket for a new baby who made his way into the world under duress. The square is done, and on the way to CA. I used KnitPicks Crayon yarn, and although it's so came out too big. I knitted it on the diagonal knowing that would be the fastest route, and increased every row, and when it got to 10 inches on the side, decreased every row. It is, as I said to KM, a wonky square. Hopefully seaming will compensate for it's lack of uniformity. After a false start and sore hands, I'm making good progress on Koolhass. I am using alpaca, and I am not sure this is the right yarn for the pattern, but it is very soft, and looks pretty good. 3 repeats done, 1 0r 2 to go and then the decrease...and it's done.
Another reason I'm not blue (or did something to prevent the blues?)...I had a weak moment. Or maybe it was an out of body purchase, but this lovliness arrived at my house this week. Handmaiden SeaSilk in 3 gorgeous colors---1 seafoam, 2 seashore and 1 moss. So far the moss is the only one with a project that will be started soon, a Montego Bay scarf for my assistant at work who admired mine. That will be a quick mindless knit. The single skein on the far right is Fleece Artist Sea Wool, in the colorway "angelfish" how could I resist that?
I also received a gift from Ponyknit! When I saw the mailer I didn't recognize the return name and address, (some folks I only know by their blogger name!) and opened it to find these gorgeous stitch markers, in my favorite colors. It was my PIF exchange gift. Such a nice surprise, it was unexpected. Thank you, Ponyknit! (which reminds me I still have to finish up a gift for one of my recipients!)
And then...for more smiles, I took some things to the post office this afternoon, and this might be why some of our letters andpackages get waylaid. I guess the USPS is an equal opportunity employer!


ponyknit said...

YAY I'm glad it got to you safe and sound. I tried to gift everyone colors they like :) Hope you enjoy them!

vegasangelbrat said...

Pretty yarns and pretty markers too! Love the USPS your probably right on that to :)

km said...

Bless you! I'm sure the seaming will make all things fit together.

I love the angelfish colorway! I could you resist that.