Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Week's Knitting

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished the scarf to match the Amanda hat last Sunday night, in time to wear both for the frigid weather Monday and Tuesday. I loved knitting with the Malabrigo, and I loved the Amanda Hat pattern. I used the same stitch to make the matching scarf. BUT---I am not thrilled with my scarf. Having to purl the wrong side made my scarf curl into a tube when I wear it. I should have done a garter border rather than just a slip 1 purlwise. It is pretty though, and when I pull it out, it's fine for a while. I wonder if blocking would help? Anyone?

This is progress on my "Thinking of You" scarf as of this morning. Now, I am past the 36" of 'wavy eyelet rib" stitching, that composes the first part of the scarf and into working the heart pattern. It's not too difficult a pattern to follow, first 36" is easily memorized: a 4-row repeat. Probably why I thought, when I started it Sunday, I'd be finished with it to wear on Thursday for Valentine's Day. HA! Over confidence, that. Perhaps I will gift this...I'll see how it goes. The heart pattern requires a little more attention, so it won't be knitted as fast as the wavy eyelet ribbing was. Rather than choose a solid color, I am using Dream in Color's "Smooshy" sock yarn, in their colorway, Lipstick Lava. There's just a slight variegation to the coloring; but I'm hoping it blocks out to make the pattern pop.
That's about it for this week. There's still plenty of time to enter my "300 Contest" (scroll down) so if you haven't, please do.
Oh, and has anyone noticed spellcheck hasn't been working on blogger? I am a pretty good speller, but even I know "smooshy" isn't a word. So, excuse any misspelled words, heh heh, in my posts.
Have a good week ahead!


Dianne said...

You might try a row or two of single crochet around the scarf. I made a baby sweater a few years ago that curled at the edges, and my knitting guru suggested a single crochet edge. It helped, a bit, but it still curled some. It could have been my lack of skill at crocheting, though.

LOVE the new car!!!

km said...

I wondered if it was just me with the spell check. And for my gmail too.

The scarf and hat are cute. I've not really blocked anything, so I don't know if that will fix the scarf.

The Lipstick Lava is great...and will match the car. =0) Hope this one is for you.

vegasangelbrat said...

I love the color of your hat and scarf and that is a really pretty pattern! The heart scarf is beautiful in color too but I know you beautiful work :)
Thank God I'm not the only one having spell check problems...whew! Thought maybe it was

Donna said...

I wanted to let you know that I have linked your contest on my blog and told folks to run right over! I wanted to give you my knitting tip: I keep each project in a zip lock bag with the instructions in a plastic cover. I put in a pair of small scissors and either a small ruller or tape measure and an extra ball of yarn and the needles of course! This way each project is ready to go into my bag when I go out or it slips right into my knitting basket by my chair. I like the bags with the zipper locks they are easier to use.

Donna Lee said...

The hat and scarf are so pretty. I made a cabled scarf for my daughter with a garter stitch edging and it curls a lot. She doesn't care because she likes it skinny.

Turtle said...

adorable car! I have not knit with the malabrigo yet, but that pattern is on my knit list! love the color you chose.

Rachel said...

That malibrago hat and scarf are beautiful! I've never knit with that yarn before but heard great things about I bought a couple skeins and have been wondering just what to work up with it. I'm drawn to Amanda's hat and I think seeing your finished one just helped me make a decision on what to do with one of those skeins! Beautiful!

Cactusneedles said...

I like your choice of colors! Very bright and cheery! Thanks for stopping by!