Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Sunny Saturday Sky

I got nuttin' much for you today except for this pretty blue winter sky. It was chilly in the mid-30's, with some sort of weather front coming in...or so says my ankle. The pain today threshold is through the roof. Ugh!
I've been busy this week sorting all the entries to my 300 contest. I think I would be able to publish a small book with all the tips and tricks you're sharing. Thanks, it's really fun! There are still 6 days to enter, so if you haven't, please do.
There has been a little knitting going on, but not too much. I did finish the scarf I was knitting to match the Amanda Hat, in time to bundle up with for the cold earlier this week. Now, I am working on a scarf that I thought would be in time for Valentine's Day, but I was over confident there. It's the "Thinking of You" scarf from HeartStrings Fiber Arts. I hope this blocks better than it's knitting up; I'm using a merino sock yarn and it's really springy. :-/ Pictures tomorrow in daylight, perhaps...


NH Knitting Mama said...

What a great sky pic. It's too cold to breathe outside right now, so I don't know what is happening out there!

Hope you are well!

km said...

Reading blogs is dangerous for me. I keep seeing things I want to knit. And I have some TT yarn. Now, just where do I find the time to knit the projects I have OTN and the million I want to CO for. =0)
I hope the weather shifts in you favor.

vegasangelbrat said...

Beautiful blue sky! Do hope the weather change passes quickly for you! Stay well and have a great week!