Saturday, February 02, 2008

Finally a Saturday Sky with Sun!

After a day with torrential rain and wind yesterday, it cleared up today with some sun and temps only in the mid-40's. It was still windy, which made it feel colder.
I really wish it would snow, but that's not even close to happening in the long range forecast. Hopefully, the sun will keep shining and keep my mood bright. Because, you know...SAD and all, I get it with absense of sunlight for an extended length of time. But my secret pal from the Hot Cocoa Swap let me know my package is on the way, so that will help with happy! I sent the package off to my pal Thursday night as well. Since the mail date is upon us, there's happy going out all around that exchange!
Have a good rest of Saturday everyone, and I'll post the knitting stuff tomorrow.


Donna Lee said...

After the dark grey of yesterday, today's sky was a real pick me up. I feel like the only US citizen who doesn't care who wins the game tomorrow. We don't have a television anymore so I won't even watch it.

km said...

This year, 6 has been asking when that football game with all the great commercials comes on. We'll all be seated for the game...and hopefully I can knit. My fingers have been too busy with the kids and not enough knitting has happened. I'm mailing off my Hot Cocoa box on Monday. I'm a little sad to say good bye to my pal's buddy as I've been taking him places to have his photo taken. I'll post this as soon as it's in the mail.