Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cocoa Swap is complete on my end.

Rock Star has settled into his new home, with a new middle name. Heather V. was my downstream pal, and has re-named him "Rock Star Rasta-Man" You can see him enjoying his new digs, and the goodies for Heather and her son that accompanied him on his journey, on Heather's blog, here. I'm glad you liked everything, Heather, take care of your new buddy!
And, I have a new buddy too! My upstream pal was Patti R, who I did not know before, so her identity remained a true secret until the very end when she revealed herself to me in the card in the package. Patti created my awesome blah buster buddy, a kitty, who I've named Calypso, (Cali for short). Isn't she the sweetest cutest kitty, evah?? (next to Reggae, of course!) Reggae gave her his acceptance with some sniffs and headbutts. Patti did a great job putting Cali together, I am amazed. And look at the goodies Patti sent! There, of course, is hot chocolate, a decadent sounding Bellagio sipping chocolate, and Ina Garten's homemade marshmallow mix. I've never had homemade marshmallows before, and I'm looking forward to making them, and enjoying them in the hot chocolate soon. I also received an "Emergency Chocolate Bar," which will be used only for an emergency chocolate craving. Yeah, right, who am I kidding? It won't last that long. The little triangle things in front of Cali are point protectors by Zecca, aren't they great? I don't even have basic ones, these are sure stylin' for my first set. I think they are made of polymer clay, and were tucked into that cute little green drawstring bag. And those stitch markers? How cute are they? Four tiny little kitties, from Wee Ones. They are hand sculpted also out of polymer clay; the detail she does is incredible. She does custom work, so if anyone is in the market for their special fur-kid, check her out. I have a good sized collection of stitch markers, but, as I told Patti after I opened everything, no kitties. Good call there Patti, I love them. Oh, and my yarn...Patti gave me four, yes, FOUR skeins of Baby Alpaca Brush yarn!! in a pretty blue/lavendar shade, a yarn I don't have in my stash. I'd gotten some to give away in another exchange, but never had my own. It's dreamy soft, and Cali is made from that too. I don't know what my Brush will turn into, but it will be soft and warm, that's for sure. Patti, thank you agan for everything, you were an awesome upstream pal.

Here is Cali making herself comfortable in her new home. She helped me enjoy a glass of wine her first night here. It's ok, I didn't let her drink it, just smell it! She's only a little kitteh! Just as Reggae does, she wrinkled her nose at it. This morning, she thought she'd like some of my coffee, but since I drink it black she turned away, as she only wanted to see if it had milk in it. Cali has been a very good little kitteh today.
She cuddled up to Reggae while he was taking a nap, met Freckeles our Goldfish,
took control of the remote and watched some television (Animal Planet, of course!) and even did a little knitting! What a smart kitty Miss Cali is. ;-)


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh Cali is adorable :) Nice yarn too, good for you for getting spoiled! I hope Cali and Reggae continue to get Love your markers, those are really cute!

Grace Yaskovic said...

what a neat swap!!! Love Cali---snuggle up with her and you'll feel better!!!

Miss Me said...

what a great looking package - love your stitch markers!

Anne said...

What a great package! And Cali is adorable - today I begin to tackle a blah buddy for my pal. Wish me luck!

km said...

Cali is so cute. And I love the stitch markers.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, all the way around. Friday, we'll head for the beach. Can't wait.

LOVE Cali! I'm glad you were well-spoiled.