Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Birthday in Key West

I wanted to spend the day in Key West. So, every one obliged me. I wanted to have breakfast at Blue Heaven in Bahama Village, my favorite place for breakfast in Key West. So, we drove down to Key West early, which, in my time, is 10 am. I love the fresh squeezed orange juice mimosas and had to have a couple, after all, it was my birthday! I really wanted a Lobster Benedict, but they didn't have it, so I had Tenderloin Eggs Benedict, and shared that so I could have some of the breakfast tortilla I like too. And of course, some of their very good banana bread. As with other places in the Keys, you're sharing your dining space with chickens and roosters. Here's a rooster at Blue Heaven waiting for a bite of food. The chickens and roosters were brought in to help curb the bugs, but unfortunately they've become very numerous and are now considered a nuisance.

After breakfast, we went to the Casa Marina hotel to check out the renovations that have been going on for the last 2 years. I agree the rooms needed updating, but some of the charm of the grand lobby has been taken away by putting in art deco themed furniture. And the grounds have been changed, as well. The place, I guess, is trying to go very upscale. They've succeeded, but at what price?
The next stop was a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory, a place I've wanted to go since it opened. I'd never been to one before, and this was awesome! We walked in and there were hundreds of beautiful butterflies of all different types flying around amongst the tropical floliage and flowers. I was in awe. It was impossible to get pictures of them in flight, but here are a few stills. The blue Morpho butterflies were espcially attracted to me, they landed on me quite often. No one else with us, just me. It was very cool. I decided then and there, that my next tattoo is going to be a butterfly. Which, ironically, is what I wanted my first tattoo to be. I really enjoyed my visit to their habitat.

Next, we went to Louie's Backyard to have cocktails on the Afterdeck on the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny warm afternoon. I discovered a new cocktail, the "island cosmopolitan" which is a cosmopolitan made with pineapple infused vodka. Again, another drink so good it was worth having another. :-) I think i need to infuse some pineapples into vodka and make these at home!

Then, it was on to what I was waiting for, a visit to the LYS, Knit Wits of Key West, to get me some souvenier birthday yarn. Knit Wits is a nice small store, with all the yarn arranged pleasantly by colors. The owners were friendly, and tried very hard to talk my friend Kathy into coming in for a class sometime when I said she needed a hobby to get her out of the political organization that's dragging her down. I think with my urging, she just might take up knitting. With much yarn to choose from, and with my pleasant buzz from the island cosmo's, I had a hard time choosing, but fun just looking. Finally, I choose some Malibrigo in "water green" and a pair of Lantern Moon needles in Ebony. I don't know what I'll make with it, but it sure is pretty.

This is a picure from the shop. The quote on the wall, which shows better on their website, is "the yarn forms the stitches, the knitting forges the friendships, and the craft links the generations."

Next, it was on to another favorite shop I love to visit, Mary O'Shea's Glass Garden. I have a lot of her earrings and other pieces of her glass art. I love to browse and see her creations. I didn't get anything this visit (funny---money to spend and I just couldn't!) but Kathy did get me 2 pair of pretty earrings for my birthday :-)

Finally, it was time to head to the pier for my Birthday Sunset Celebration. We decided to go the the Pier at the Ocean Key House and got tables right on the water. We enjoyed more yummy cocktails as the sun went down.

Eventually, we made our way to my very favorite restaurant in Key West, La Tratoria, for my birthday dinner. It was good, as always, from my Lemon Drop martini at the bar, to apps, dinner, wine, and decadent dessert and excellent service.
Then it was home to Kathy's to relax in the hot tub before calling it a day. It was a wonderful day to be sure. A glorious way to spend a birthday.


vegasangelbrat said...

all sounds so lovely Nancy! Glad you had a fantastic Birthday and with your best friends!
The yarn is really beautiful too, I'm sure you'll find something really nice to make for yourself!
Loved the sunset, brings back LOTS of memories!
Thank you for sharing your Wonderfuly vacation with us!

Grace Yaskovic said...

ohhh tom and I have our 35th anniversary in December and were thinking about the Keys for a trip, I think you have convinced us!!

Anonymous said...

The butterfly conservatory is my mother's favorite place in Key West. What great photos! I'm so glad you had a great birthday AND vacation!

NH Knitting Mama said...

It does sound like a glorious birthday! Good for you!

Key West is awesome. Last year at this time, my Mom and I went on a Mom/Daughter trip, and that was one of the places we went. We happened to go to Knit Wits, too. Fun times.

rita said...

You mean Key West has a knitting store? Auuuuggghhhhhh! We were there last in July. It's my favorite place on earth and I can't wait to go back. Love Blue Heaven!